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Markets and Trade Gone Good

Conditioned to question the WTO and other forms of trade enforcing global entities (see “Talking about revolution” as to why), I never thought I would be inviting anyone to support them. While I may be missing the conspiracy theory behind these efforts my subversive youth mind wanted me to look in everything coming from the WTO, I believe ITC (International Trade Center) is a wonderful institution whose efforts are in fact palpably creating opportunities that improve lives and care for ecosystems across our Planet. Through its many initiatives (listed with links below) I can only speak good things of my cooperation when working with ITC, an organization from the WTO and UN supporting Small and Medium size enterprises in small, developing or transition economies. I believe in the power of conscious markets to create long lasting positive impact. I invite you to take a look at a great organization and join any of the following:



Trade and Environment:




Sustainability Xchange:


Ethical Fashion Initiative:



Woman in Trade:



On a side note I also love ITC is successfully led by a woman 🙂