How is your time, your “rush” or your “slow” affecting our space?

Have you ever seen a sky filled with stars? “Dust” in between, a vast dark sky illuminated only by the endless starlights? On the few occasions I have been lucky to experience this, it has sparked in me thoughts of ancient civilizations and how this star filled scenery was part of their common night to night landscape. I think of the awareness from observation of constellations and moon cycles, and how it must have affected their lives. When I have visited ancient ruins, some with designs aligned so perfectly with astronomical events, it makes me wonder, how these civilizations, having technology and tools relying solely on observation, patience, and persistent detail-oriented work, came to create these enduring structures. Slow gained wisdom translated into slow crafted masterpieces.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to see starry skies, a joy of a rural lifestyle. I am also lucky to be able to remove myself to remote places not too far away (nor too expensive to get to) in order to see full, unpolluted by light, dark skies. Still, I do not do it as often as I wish. Day to day life, work, raising a child, family, friends, the book I am reading, or just that movie night I so much want, have been on my way. Modern life in other words.

Just in the same way the pace of my daily life -how I am expected to learn, deliver and solve/evolve so fast- has taken away my time to observe the stars, the moon cycles, the universe I belong to, so have I taken from observing myself and the effects of this “rush” on my feelings and my biology. I am speaking for myself, but I know I am part of a society speeding so fast as if constantly falling behind, I do not know from what, as I do not know where it is going, and why. Why do I rush? And no, the endless daily excuses of my rushing are not the answer.

I believe in the power of Slow. I actually believe wisdom is slow. Patience, persistence, detail, observation, care, compassion, are in essence slow. Aside from the few times where I have fully sincerely enjoyed a “quicky,” even good love making for me, is slow. So as I embark on this journey of sharing my thoughts on human evolution through this blog, slow is a pillar of it.

And within this pillar, are those who have admiringly fused Slow into this rushed world and have it become a business, an income, a movement. Slow Food International is for me one of the best examples; an evolved movement built on slow continuously reaching more. And while speaking in detail of Slow Food International will come in its own post, this one is meant to trigger exploration of the greatness of their message as well as just to reflect on what our own “rush” is, what it means to us, its causes and effects on us, on our families, communities and world. Einstein’s general relativity theory says time and space are inextricably interrelated, which means, time and space affect each other, always. So I ask, how is your time, your “rush” or your “slow” affecting our space?

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