What is Evolving Blue Planet?

All our actions, no matter how small, no matter how personal, affect us all –all humankind. To be conscious of this effect, to take responsibility and positive action over it, is to me, to have evolved into the human being that is adapting and acting for its species (and for what makes its existence possible) not to cease. Business as usual in our Planet has involved a series of actions detrimental to our own species either directly or by severely degrading -even destroying- the natural world we depend on to survive. As a species, humans will indisputably have to adapt to a kinder, wiser, more generous, but most of all, conscious type in order to keep on exploring and enjoying Earth. Evolving Blue Planet  shows human beings that have already adapted and their stories around the world. With no intend of showing these people as super heroes, but instead to demonstrate the commonality and flawed nature we all share –along with the incredible power embedded in each of us. Through their stories I wish to inspire and lift us all to evolve.

There is also no intend of classifying people into yet another label (“evolved”). Evolving Blue Planet is a place to share ideas, to communicate the greatness we are achieving globally, to tell our stories of evolution. This is a place to come and see the good in our Planet. If it serves to inspire and spark into replication and into more action, even better. Evolving Blue Planet is open for anyone to share an idea, a great inspiring initiative/business/person they know of or any thought that can contribute to everyone’s adaptation.


Six years ago I started a blog called “Evolving Steps,” tired of watching people complain with the state of the world, I published stories of people who “have seized to degrade and have evolve into the new generation of human beings this planet needs.” Evolving Blue Planet is a continuation of that spirit, six years of evolution after. This time I don’t want to keep it to my eyes only, I want a space for people to share how beautiful human beings can be. A space to share the insights, the stories, the journeys and battles we all share and how they contribute to our kind.

I have been exposed to astonishing stories and the remarkable human beings behind them, in all areas imagined, from bakers to bankers, from conservationists to pure mathematicians, good conscious parents, consumers, professionals, all looking insight themselves and overcoming personal battles in order to go beyond their own good, and are actively living lives that support positive change. I refuse to give in to a gloomy state when I hear the news, instead, have decided to listen to the stories that lift me up and inspire me to evolve for me, for my family, for humankind, for this Planet. I want a space to share them, I want a space to learn more.