About the Author

Finds it really hard to answer the “Profession” blank on migration forms.

Has not figured a way to briefly explain what she does.

Has not found a food she hates. She can eat pretty much anything.

Has not found a perfume she likes. She pretty much dislikes all perfumes, but likes to keep looking to find a smell she is “in love with” or that feels like is “hers,” especially when in transit in airports.

Has always -and all signs point that will always- have David Bowie on her playlist.

Has come to view procrastination as part of her skills, and the birth for innovation. This in order to avoid the anxiety it gave her on a daily basis (usually when having to work).

On a journey of self-discovery and quest to address her need to place –in a somewhat organized public space- all the greatness she comes across through her job, travels, day to day life as a mother of a toddler, and through the skillful procrastination mentioned before.

Annoyingly positive daydreaming vocal woman. Dislikes those who say “let’s be real about XXX”…they suck.

Coming out of her writing closet. Highly self conscious still, hence the writing in third person…( feedback is very welcomed, but please be nice).

Writing from her home, the Galapagos Islands, modern human evolution, from the point of view of how much nicer, accepting of the flawed human condition, wiser, conscious, and “Dalai Lama mixed with George Clooney, Mark Ruffalo, Laura Gutman, Brené Brown, Woody Allen, Cerati, and of course, David Bowie” like (and other amazing in between, above, below and beyond) humans should be in order not to keep boycotting our own survival, has been a revolving idea on her mind. She wants to share the breakthrough thoughts, businesses and people that for her are simply great, infinitely flawed, essentially and fearlessly human. She calls them, evolved.

Would love if others could contribute and bring more human greatness to this new space on the very wide world internet web. Please, bear with the author’s blog non-techkyness (blog might not be too user friendly yet), it is evolving and will slowly become its own flawed version of great.